article_Save_FreeCookiesForKids_071612_In order to provide you with a higher service level, most website utilise cookies. Usage of cookies is a convenient and practical technology to gather information. Websites will become more user-friendly. Cookies, for example, make sure you can remain logged in on your favourite website, and they save your settings, like location and language. In online shopping applications, cookies keep track of your shopping cart.
Webmaster can, by using cookies, keep track of your behaviour on ths website, and for example report on what the visitor’s favourite places are and how they get there.
Cookies are stored on your own computer, and you can remove them at any moment. However: remember that removing them sometimes means you will have to manually login again, and maybe adjsut your settings afterwards.

Please remember: Our cookies are safe! E-mail and telemarketing actions are NOT caused by cookies. Cookies do NOT store your e-mail address or phone number, and we never use cookies to build a personal profile.