Bronx, first participant of the Special Needs World Judo Games

Over time, one of the goals of CS Bronx Powerlifting Club Bacău has been the promotion of judo as a basic tool in a harmonious development, which guarantees not only social inclusion, but, above all, a harmony between body, mind and emotions. In the vast majority of cases, a child who practices judo is a happy child, a child who has understood the principles by which activity in the dojo is guided and who, in relation to others, will always apply the moral code introduced by Jigoro Kano: politeness, courage, sincerity, honor, modesty, respect, self-control and friendship.

CS Bronx Powerlifting Club Bacău has been working with children and young people with impairments since 2016, when the club’s first visually impaired athletes stepped confidently on the mat. In 2022, the project “Judo is played, WHAT DO YOU SAY?” strengthened the Special Needs section of the club not only by attracting new coaches and partners from outside the country, such as the Special Needs Judo Foundation, to join the initiative to promote adapted judo in educational institutions where children and young people with special needs are enrolled , for which judo could become the path to an assumed normality, courage, effort, joy and full self-acceptance, but also by organizing the International Tournament “Judo is playing, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?” and by the participation of the club’s Special Needs athletes in more and more national and international competitions.

After the first gold medals obtained at the Special Needs National Championship Cluj-Napoca and at the European Special Needs Judo Festival Poschiavo, from 2022, sisters Denisa and Nicoleta Oprea will participate, between April 14-16, 2023, at the Special Needs World Judo Games in the Netherlands , where they promise to give their best and conquer the podium. Mărioara Adochiței, one of the club’s oldest athletes, will also participate in the competition, for whom judo, beyond sport, is a way of being, behaving and dreaming of the future. The three athletes practice judo out of passion, and when they are on the mat, they feel more confident, more creative and freer to express themselves. The girls were also some of the core volunteers in the project “Judo is playing, CE Spui?”,

“Our biggest dream in Holland is to be able to give our best, to discover new things, to have more confidence in what we have learned and in the skills we have formed in the gym, but and let’s make friends. And, more than that, we dream of qualifying for the Special Olympics World Games 2023, in Berlin, precisely to make those who supported us proud of us and to demonstrate what Bronx Sport Club means”, said Mărioara, athlete CS Bronx Powerlifting Club Bacău.