Outlines BENG-XXIII, April 14-16 2023


Last update: Apr 5, 2023 @ 10:16


Sporthal De Walvis, van Loenenlaan 1, 1945 TB Beverwijk. Parking is possible near the venue.


Friday April 14th

  • 13.00              Venue open
  • 14.00              Begin divisioning
  • 14.45              Pause
  • 15.00              Divisioning, continued
  • 15.45              End of divisioning
  • 16.00              Referee regulations with coaches on the tatami. Randori rules clinic by Arjen Noordzy and Jenny Koster
  • 17.00              End

During the whole period judoka present can apply for the weigh-in, next to the main jury table.

Saturday April 15th

  • 08:00               Venue open
  • 08:00-08:30     Weight-in remaining judoka
  • 09:00               Opening
  • 09:02-11:30     SNWJG tournament
  • 11:45               Medal Ceremony
  • Pause
  • 12:45               Opening
  • 12:47               SNWJG Kata Tournament
  • 15:30-16:00     Medal Ceremony
  • 16.30               End

Assumburg Castle

  • 19:00-20:00    Dinner
  • 20:00-22:00    Party with DJ Jurre!

Sunday April 16th

  • 08:00               Venue open
  • 08.45               Briefing referees
  • 09:00-09:20     Warming up
  • 09:20-09:30     Opening
  • 09:30               Start BENG! Judoka below 16 jaar and LADIES 16 and older..
  • 11:45 12.15     Medal ceremony
  • 12:15               Lunch and music, Clubs can pick up lunch packs
  • 12:45               Opening afternon by Mr. Ali Bal, Alderman Sports of the Beverwijk municipality + award ceremony for the Honours Trophy
  • 13:00-13:30     Warming up
  • 13:30               Start BENG! for 16+ GENTLEMEN
  • 15:45               Medal Ceremony
  • 16:30               End


All clubs: Please report to the main jury table on entrance. Payments can be done in cash or by credit card.


  • On Saturday, photography is allowed to take place from the tatami sides.
  • Photographers will not interfere with the matches.
  • On Sunday, the SNJF photography team is active on the tatami. Should you wish to make photos on the tatami too, please ask permission with Bob Lefevere (bob@specialneedsjudo.nl) but be aware that we do not allow too many photographers on the tatami.
  • Flash photography is NOT allowed.
  • Participation in the tournament is an implicit approval to appear in our media. If you do not agree with this, then you have the opportunity to correct this after publication.

Travel and pickups

Early departure on Sunday

This is a really important matter. Some clubs leave very early on Sunday, and should really be on their way to the airport no later than 16:15. In order to make all this run smoothly, we took the following measures:

  • The Medal Ceremony starts as early as possible on Sunday
  • The judoka of those clubs that need to leave early will me called out first during the ceremony.
  • In turn, we expect those clubs to be ready to leave by the time the bus departs
  • Please, follow the instructions from our drivers!
  • Note that SNJF will not take any responsibility for delays or missed flights.

Flights and shuttle service

  • On arrival, please go to the Burger King on Schiphol Plaza. This is the meeting point.
  • If your flight changes or delays, please inform Piet Vittali
  • When you are being dropped off at your hotel, you agree on a pickup time for the next morning with your driver. Please do not be late, as your shuttle may be gone.