20240412 BENG-XXIV Medal Ceremony photos


These are the pictures of the four medal ceremonies: SNWJG 2024, SNWJG-KATA 2024 and the two ceremonies of  BENG-XXIV, morning and afternoon. CLICK HERE to view

There are two special prices:

The Laura and Leslie trophy

Laura and Leslie Ter Voort were twin judoka, part of SNJF/BeterJudo. Laura passed away in 2022 due to a serious brain disease, and Leslie followed her sister in 2023. To honour their memory, their parents Hans and Petra Ter Voort have made available the Laura and Leslie Trophy which is awarded to a judoka who, in their opinion, has particularly distinguished him- or herself during the BENG tournament.

Rowan Bruurmijn
Angelica van der Wal

The Ben van der Eng Trophy

This trophy has been around for some time and is awarded to a judoka who, through his actions, contributes to the success of the tournament. This year we decided not to award the trophy to a person, but to a team: Westerleigh Judokwai. They have been participants in the tournament since the very beginning and their “Red Army” is always a noisy but indeed a very welcome presence during BENG.

Debbie Sands and Paul Everest of Westerleigh Judokwai, receiving the Ben van der Eng Trophy.