Official EJU European Kata Championships for Adapted Judo

Official EJU European Kata Championships for Adapted Judo


This is a message for all our subscribers who are in the EJU (European Judo Union) region.

We are very happy to announce that EJU is organising official European Kata Championships for the Adapted Judo community. These will take place on June 10 and 11, 2024 in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

The official outlines can be downloaded through this link.

Please find below a message from the Special Needs Judo Foundation’s Technical Director, Tycho van der Werff:

Dear Friends,

The outlines for the EC Kata are out I am proud to say that Adapted Kata is again included. In 2019 we began with demonstrations, then in 2022 we had our first real Kata cup during the EC Kata. And now in 2024, for the first time, there will be real European Championships! Although we realise it is short notice, but let us all try to have as much A-kata judoka as possible in Sarajevo.

The Categories are:

Nage no Kata 1A and 1B
    • 1A (both A judoka)
    • 1B (Uke mainstream)

Scoring according to official kata rules, so no adaptations.

Adapted Nage no Kata, 1A and 1B

Techniques adapted where necessary because of the physical abilities of Tori, for example Ne waza Nage no Kata. 

    • 1A (both A judoka)
    • 1B (Uke mainstream)

I hope to see you all there at the EC in Sarajevo, let us show the world what we can achieve, even in such short notice.

See you soon!

Tycho van der Werff

This is a message from SNJF promoting participation in the EJU Kata Championships. SNJF is not directly involved in the organisation of the EJU Kata Championship. For all queries, requests and remarks, please refer to the contacts stated in the attached outlines.