THANKS for being with us!


It is over, and BENG-XXIV was a great success, not in the least because of our fabulous guests! We are already looking forward towards BENG-XXV, the 25th edition of our great tournament that is planned for (save this date):

April 4-6 2025! 

During this week we will publish the photographs (yes, the team took almost 37.000!) and a little bit later the aftermovie, and then we will be silent until September when we will pick up the organisation of BENG-XXV.

Thanks for coming, and until BENG!

Official EJU European Kata Championships for Adapted Judo

This is a message for all our subscribers who are in the EJU (European Judo Union) region.

We are very happy to announce that EJU is organising official European Kata Championships for the Adapted Judo community. These will take place on June 10 and 11, 2024 in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

The official outlines can be downloaded through this link.

Please find below a message from the Special Needs Judo Foundation’s Technical Director, Tycho van der Werff:

Dear Friends,

The outlines for the EC Kata are out I am proud to say that Adapted Kata is again included. In 2019 we began with demonstrations, then in 2022 we had our first real Kata cup during the EC Kata. And now in 2024, for the first time, there will be real European Championships! Although we realise it is short notice, but let us all try to have as much A-kata judoka as possible in Sarajevo.

The Categories are:

Nage no Kata 1A and 1B
    • 1A (both A judoka)
    • 1B (Uke mainstream)

Scoring according to official kata rules, so no adaptations.

Adapted Nage no Kata, 1A and 1B

Techniques adapted where necessary because of the physical abilities of Tori, for example Ne waza Nage no Kata. 

    • 1A (both A judoka)
    • 1B (Uke mainstream)

I hope to see you all there at the EC in Sarajevo, let us show the world what we can achieve, even in such short notice.

See you soon!

Tycho van der Werff

This is a message from SNJF promoting participation in the EJU Kata Championships. SNJF is not directly involved in the organisation of the EJU Kata Championship. For all queries, requests and remarks, please refer to the contacts stated in the attached outlines.



20240412 BENG-XXIV Medal Ceremony photos

These are the pictures of the four medal ceremonies: SNWJG 2024, SNWJG-KATA 2024 and the two ceremonies of  BENG-XXIV, morning and afternoon. CLICK HERE to view

There are two special prices:

The Laura and Leslie trophy

Laura and Leslie Ter Voort were twin judoka, part of SNJF/BeterJudo. Laura passed away in 2022 due to a serious brain disease, and Leslie followed her sister in 2023. To honour their memory, their parents Hans and Petra Ter Voort have made available the Laura and Leslie Trophy which is awarded to a judoka who, in their opinion, has particularly distinguished him- or herself during the BENG tournament.

Rowan Bruurmijn
Angelica van der Wal

The Ben van der Eng Trophy

This trophy has been around for some time and is awarded to a judoka who, through his actions, contributes to the success of the tournament. This year we decided not to award the trophy to a person, but to a team: Westerleigh Judokwai. They have been participants in the tournament since the very beginning and their “Red Army” is always a noisy but indeed a very welcome presence during BENG.

Debbie Sands and Paul Everest of Westerleigh Judokwai, receiving the Ben van der Eng Trophy.

20240412 Photos BENG-XXIV

We pride ourselves in publishing our pictures as soon as possible after the event and that was even harder this year because we have three photographers and they produced 36.944 pictures from which to choose.. not counting videos. But, we did it again and you can view the selection through this website.

The pictures we made of the medal ceremonies will be published later this week.

Click here to view the album.

Photos by Bob Lefevere, Janienke Roelfsema and Mariska Waanders.

The JUDO4ID project is officially opened!


Between the 23rd and 24th of January, the JUDO4ID project funded by the European Union officially started. CS Bronx Powerlifting Club Bacău (Romania), Judo Klub Bežigrad (Slovenia), Special Needs Judo Foundation (Netherlands), and The Swedish Judo Federation (Sweden) met in Stockholm in a two-day kick-off meeting to plan the project’s innovative activities designed to revolutionize the world of adaptive judo and improve the participation of intellectually disabled people in sport activities.

To go deeper into the JUDO4ID story, the project conceives and tests innovative transdisciplinary solutions to make the supply and demand of physical activities for children with intellectual disabilities meet in an international context. Judo, the most recommended and preferred sport by UNESCO for optimal human development, becomes an accelerator for creating a sustainable sports ecosystem that makes it possible for new ways of playing sports to be offered.

In the next 18 months, JUDO4ID will deliver innovative practices that facilitate the physical and mental development of disabled people, with a focus on their social integration and autonomy. The project will equip judo coaches and physical education teachers with the necessary tools to work with students with intellectual disabilities, as well as design and implement an innovative judo training programme and necessary tools based on engaging sports exercises that can be played while practicing judo: a Judo Training Guide for Judo Coaches and PE Teachers working with ID Students, a Judo Animated Series for teaching children with ID judo techniques and principles, as well as a Special Needs Judo Competition Software to manage judo competitions for ID children and an E-guide for Organizing International Special Needs Judo Events.

All project partners will be involved in different stages of the project by providing their specific input, as well as contributing more widely to the core message and outcomes of the project while involving a wide range of local, regional, national and international stakeholders, such as the International Judo Federation and the European Judo Union.

The kick-off meeting brought together the Steering Committee of JUDO4ID, as well as a representative of the Regional Development Agency, North-East Romania, Andreea Leru. After the event, which was organized with the support of The Swedish Judo Federation, the big team visited the old town of Stockholm, ending the journey with a Viking dinner.

‘’JUDO4ID is about making judo much more friendly, inclusive, and empowering. We will have the honor of learning from some of the biggest trainers in adapted judo worldwide, Tomas Rundqvist and Tycho van der Werff. Our team will create a significant infrastructure for making the practice of adapted judo much easier and more effective. Also, our team has Miro Biliç, a representative of The International Judo Federation IT Team, our project bringing in innovative digital tools for adaptive judo activities and events. So stay close to our story.’’ (JUDO4ID Team)

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

Main JUDO4ID website: