Assumburg Castle is BOOKED FULL. Here are alternatives.

Assumburg Castle has been booked FULL. Only small groups may be able to book in the castle. This article provides some alternatives.
Even though the Castle is booked full, please ONLY book your hotel in the following places:

  • IJmuiden (Harbour town)
  • Wijk aan Zee (Seaside, beaches close)
  • Beverwijk
  • Spaarnwoude
  • Heemskerk

Of course, if you have transportation of your own, please feel free to book anywhere you like.

If you want to book a hotel in another place and you need to use our shuttle service, please discuss this FIRST with our Logistics Coordinator:

TIP1: CALL the hotel rather than trying to book on their site.

TIP2: Whatever you do, make sure you have a cancellation insurance policy. We live in uncertain times and it may save you a lot of money.

Now, here are some hotel suggestions:

Fletcher Hotel Spaarnwoude

Fletcher Hotel Wijk aan Zee

Use these search options in Google Maps:

  • “Hotels near wijk aan Zee”
  • “Hotels near Beverwijk” 
  • “Hotels near IJmuiden”

Invitation and Outlines

First of all, you may have noticed something went wrong yesterday when we issued our invitation. Part of the message became gibberish and unreadable.
Our apologies for this- however today’s message should arrive properly.

Update 20211021/1550 Added subscription closure date
Update 20211021/1949 Aligned prices spreadsheet/outlines


This article is best read directly on our webpage:



This is an invitation for the twenty-second edition of our great tournament in Beverwijk. We are honoured and proud to be able to invite you, our guests, for this tournament that since its inception in 1998 has become the greatest in the world for judoka with a disability. 

We had to cancel our tournament for two consecutive years, but as you can see: we are excited to organise the tournament for the twenty-second time!

The Ben van der Eng Memorial does not select: We accept any handicap whether it is physical or mental. Our 5-grade divisioning system is capable of handling anything from the most accomplished judoka to the most severely disabled ones. 

Indeed our Sunday’s BENG! tournament is, we can proudly say, the greatest Judo party in the world whereas the more “serious” Saturday hosts the Special Needs World Judo Games for Shiai and Kata. 


Who can participate?

Eligible for our tournaments are all judoka with either physical or mental disability. According to the divisioning rules set out in the Special Needs Judo rulebook, they will be categorised in one of the five competition categories.

Please note: Judoka are categorised on Judo capability and emphatically not by handicap.

The competition rules can be downloaded through this link. 

The document also shows the criteria for divisioning. If you are in doubt about a judoka’s division, you can send a short video of the judoka in action (randori) showing some basic techniques to Tycho van der Werff, our technical director, and we will make a preliminary assessment based on that footage.
However in such a case we do recommend strongly to also attend the divisioning workshop on Friday, April 1st.


What do we offer?

This is only an overview. More detailed planning will follow as it materialises, and you will receive a more detailed schedule in the beginning of March if you signed up as participant.

  • Friday afternoon the 1st of April is our divisioning workshop. Highly recommended for judoka and/or clubs that attend for the first time, as we can assess their abilities based upon the various exercises we will perform during this event. We will also make a start with the weigh-in on this day.
  • Friday afternoon is also the scene for some workshops we will organise however the exact subject of these is yet to be determined and will be published later.
  • Saturday morning the 2nd is for the Special Needs World Judo Games (SNWJG). This is the tournament for the judoka of level 1-3, 16 years and older. The entourage of this tournament is a bit more serious than what we will see on the Sunday: audience in the stands, electronic scoreboards, etc. And, we will do the weigh-in for the remainder of the judoka.
  • Saturday afternoon is the second tournament: SNWJG Kata. We are happy to see a great growth in the Adapted Kata sport, supported by EJU and international success.
  • Saturday evening we will make Beverwijk shake on its foundations by the great party in Assumburg Castle. 
  • On Sunday the 3rd we organise BENG, the greatest Judo party in the world for all levels. 

Matches are performed in a more informal entourage where supporters are allowed around the competition area. We continue the trial we did in 2019 whereby we utilised the new “randori” set of rules for certain participants.

COVID-19 Measures

We will keep a separate link on our website with the COVID-19 measures of the Dutch government. In general, the measures as per October 1st 2021 will be:

For guests above 13 years old from inside the EU, you will have to show either:

  • A negative COVID-19 QR-code, to be checked at every entrance of the Walvis building, or
  • An official, negative test declaration

Guests above 13 from outside the EU must be able to show:

  • An official, negative test declaration

We must be very clear on this: We cannot allow people inside without the above. Both rules and penalties imposed by the Dutch government are extremely strict. 

You can find general information through the link below. Please check whether it is allowed to travel to The Netherlands from your country.

Please do read these pages very carefully.

We will publish any significant change to the measures on our webpage.


Travel, Hotels, competition venue

Competition Venue

Sporthal De Walvis
Van Loenenlaan 1
1945 ZH Beverwijk
The Netherlands


First of all: You will have to arrange your hotel yourself.

Our main hotel is the StayOkay Assumburg, the renaissance castle that is also the headquarters for our organisation staff. They also reserve places for our guests but you need to book early: very often, the castle is already booked full in January!

As for other hotels, we do not recommend or endorse any but you must be aware that we can only offer a shuttle service for hotels in the following places:

  • IJmuiden
  • Heemskerk
  • Wijk aan Zee
  • Spaarnwoude

Should you book in another place than the above then please note that we probably cannot offer shuttle transport for you. In case of doubt, please contact our logistics coordinator.

NOTE: We are living in troubled times, and there is no predicting what will happen next year and what the Dutch government measures will be. Therefore we must strongly advise you to book a cancellation insurance for your trip and for the hotel.


Shuttle service

Our shuttle service will bring you only:

  • From Schiphol Airport to your hotel, if on the list of acceptable cities (see above);
  • From your hotel to the competition venue and back;
  • From the competition venue back to Schiphol Airport.

The shuttle service runs in the following time windows:

Thursday 31/03/2022 0700-2300
Friday 01/04/2022 0700-2300
Saturday 02/04/2022 0700-2300
Sunday 03/04/2022 0700-2300
Monday 04/04/2020 0700-1600

When booking your flight, please take the above time windows in consideration. Contrary to previous years, we will not pick you up in the middle of the night.

The costs for the shuttle service are 10,- per person, which will pay for your transport during the whole weekend. 

How to travel to Beverwijk

Schiphol Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe, and there are daily inbound flights from just about everywhere.

From Schiphol, you can take our shuttle service, a taxi or the train.

DO NOT fly in though Rotterdam Airport or Eindhoven Airport. Besides the fact that we cannot pick you up through the shuttle service, these airports are also very far from Beverwijk, and train travel is expensive.

For our guests coming from Northern England: The DFDS ferry terminal (Newcastle-IJmuiden) is very close to De Walvis. But, please note its arrival time of about 10:00 in the morning so you might want to come in on Friday!

What more to do in Beverwijk?

The nearby city of Wijk aan Zee is a great beach, where you can do blokarting, kite- and windsurfing, visit one of the trendy beach restaurants or a World War II nazi submarine bunker.

And of course, the city of Amsterdam is only a train ride away!

How to apply for the Ben van der Eng Memorial?

Download application form

First of all, you can download the application form THROUGH THIS LINK. 

Then, complete the form as thoroughly as possible. We have experienced nasty misunderstandings and disappointments in the past due to incomplete information. Therefore, take your time and read carefully. The amount due will show up in the “YOUR INVOICE” bit. 

Then, send the form to 

The closure date for your subscription is March 1st.


Special Needs World Judo Games EUR 10,- per judoka
Special Needs World Judo Games KATA EUR 15,- per katateam
BENG! EUR 7,50 per judoka
Prices are including lunch package and t-shirt

Payment through bank transfer

IBAN: NL42 ABNA 0504 1510 96 for attention of Special Needs Judo Foundation


Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
1082 PP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Payment at the tournament

At the tournament, you can pay either cash, or use credit- or debit cards. All major cards are accepted.

After your application

You will receive a confirmation email, and you will be put on our PARTICIPANTS mailing list. From time to time you will receive updates about the tournament. Mid-march you will receive our Extended Outlines, with the detailed schedule in it, and some more information that has not been decided at this moment.

See you in Beverwijk!

Important links for BENG!

Download your application form here

IMPORTANT: download this sheet and complete it as best as you can. Only applications through this form are accepted. Then mail it to

Competition rules

The well-known rules. But everybody has been away for two years so they may be interesting for a re-read.

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask us questions all the time. If they are relevant for everybody, we will publish them here.