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We did it again- after three long years of inactivity because of the worldwide pandemic we finally managed to organise our Ben van der Eng Memorial tournament, and what a tournament it was! Guests from England, Wales, Belgium, Israel, USA, Slovenia, Romania, French Polynesia and of course a lot from The Netherlands!

After the pilot of the Randori system in 2019 we finally rolled it out officially, with a 90-second match duration, and to great delight of the competitors. We were also happy to porganise the SNWJG once again, and SNWJG KATA on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday the BENG! tournament exploded, where we celebrate judo and winning comes second.

Below, please find the pictures. there are 476 so reserve some time to have a look. Downloading can be done by clicking ↧ underneath the picture.

In the coming two weeks we publish the aftermovie, and then we fall silent until the next Ben van der Eng Memorial: March 31 – April 2nd, 2023.

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Assumburg Castle is BOOKED FULL. Here are alternatives.

Assumburg Castle has been booked FULL. Only small groups may be able to book in the castle. This article provides some alternatives.
Even though the Castle is booked full, please ONLY book your hotel in the following places:

  • IJmuiden (Harbour town)
  • Wijk aan Zee (Seaside, beaches close)
  • Beverwijk
  • Spaarnwoude
  • Heemskerk

Of course, if you have transportation of your own, please feel free to book anywhere you like.

If you want to book a hotel in another place and you need to use our shuttle service, please discuss this FIRST with our Logistics Coordinator:

TIP1: CALL the hotel rather than trying to book on their site.

TIP2: Whatever you do, make sure you have a cancellation insurance policy. We live in uncertain times and it may save you a lot of money.

Now, here are some hotel suggestions:

Fletcher Hotel Spaarnwoude

Fletcher Hotel Wijk aan Zee

Use these search options in Google Maps:

  • “Hotels near wijk aan Zee”
  • “Hotels near Beverwijk” 
  • “Hotels near IJmuiden”

Ben van der Eng Memorial

This is the main page for the Ben van der Eng Memorial. The greatest Special Needs Judo Tournament on the planet has been cancelled in the year 2020, and we had to decide to cancel the 2021 edition too. If you want to be kept up-to-date, then please subscribe yourself to our newsletter through this link. As soon as we have news, we will put it on this page, and on the newsletter.

BENG will continue in 2022, April 1-3!

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PLEASE- make sure you are well-informed about the latest COVID-19 rules.

The rules can be very strict and we must adhere to them. We will publish the latest on this website starting March 1st

ALSO- When you apply for Ben van der Eng Memorial, make sure you have a cancellation insurance.

We cannot possibly predict what will happen or what our government will decide in the weeks leading up to the tournament, and we can of course not take responsibility for any sudden changes in policy.

Download the application form here

Due to the constantly changing rules around COVID-19 we will publish the latest news on this on the website and not in the outlines.

Tournament outlines will follow mid-February 2022