Date set for BENG 2023 is not yet official!

Dear guests,

You may have heard some references/rumours of a date set for BENG 2023. However please be aware that there is as yet no official date set! We know some of you are booking very early, hence this warning. As soon as the date is final, we will report that on this site.

Best regards, and see you next year!
Bob Lefevere
SNJF Secretary/Webmaster

And here are the pictures!

We did it again- after three long years of inactivity because of the worldwide pandemic we finally managed to organise our Ben van der Eng Memorial tournament, and what a tournament it was! Guests from England, Wales, Belgium, Israel, USA, Slovenia, Romania, French Polynesia and of course a lot from The Netherlands!

After the pilot of the Randori system in 2019 we finally rolled it out officially, with a 90-second match duration, and to great delight of the competitors. We were also happy to porganise the SNWJG once again, and SNWJG KATA on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday the BENG! tournament exploded, where we celebrate judo and winning comes second.

Below, please find the pictures. there are 476 so reserve some time to have a look. Downloading can be done by clicking ↧ underneath the picture.

In the coming two weeks we publish the aftermovie, and then we fall silent until the next Ben van der Eng Memorial: March 31 – April 2nd, 2023.

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Breaking: SNJU have reformed their operating principles

At the Special Needs Judo Union (the SNJF sister organisation), two board members have left. In response to this, SNJU have decided to change their course, and to operate completely on non-profit principles. The link below shows the SNJU statement.


Tomas Rundqvist (Svenska Judo):
On Thursday 8th of July at 15.00 CET, we will show a session of Adapted judo. It’s a session with ‘judogames’ and with a way to train judo with some Corona-restricrions in mind. Focus on ukemi and how to move on tatami. How to push & pull. It will show you one way how I start with new judoka, in the group there are a mix of a lot of judoka with different ‘intellectual variations’, Down Syndrom, visual impaired and CP. I hope that you find some inspiration and something you can use in your training. Please share this link and watch the video. If you have any questions or comments, let me know.

Here is the link.