Ushiro Ukemi – Safety and Training methods for Special Needs Judoka – A presentation

This is a presentation by Tycho before a group of Special Needs Judo teachers in the judo 3.0 Seminar in Zagreb, May 2021. We are publishing this because coming Sunday the 5th of September, Tycho will give another presentation, this time about adapted kata and we will publish that video too when it becomes available.

This video shows how to make use of ushiro-ukemi to help handicapped judoka become familiar with the judo lessons.


Modifications to nage-no-kata for handicapped judoka

Some handicapped judoka cannot stand in a stable manner, or indeed cannot stand at all. Does that mean you cannot perform kata? Certainly not! In such a case, the kata is modified in such a way that the same techniques can be performed, with the same principles. That way, handicapped judoka can still take part in tournaments, and even do dan graduation exams.
This video shows how nage-no-kata can be adapted. Keep in mind that these are examples on how to do this, because of course every judoka is different.