Frequently Asked Questions BENG 2022

SNJF receives many questions about the tournament through various channels. These may be interesting for the other participants. You can find the answers on these pages. Please check back once in a while; especially the COVID-measures change quite often.

What is the closing date for the subscription?

  • The closing date is March 1st, 2022. One week before we will send a reminder mail.

I am not vaccinated, can I participate?

The rules are (as per September 19th) as follows (and please check this page, the rules change quite often):

  • AUDIENCE must either be able to show 1) A negative European QR-code, or 2) a negative test certificate not older than 24 hours, and 3)  a valid ID that matches with the certificate or the QR.
  • ATHLETES of 14 years and older must adhere to the same rules as the audience. Participants of 13 and younger do not have to be vaccinated and also do not have to be tested.
  • THE RESTAURANT has its own specific rules, independent of the tournament. They will probably ask you for a QR and an ID, or a valid test certificate.
  • The BENG organisation does not facilitate testing. You will have to find a test location near Beverwijk. Just to be clear: If you want to participate on all three days then you will have to get yourself tested every day. When we get nearer to the tournament dates we will supply some links on the site to test locations.
  • SNJF does not take position in the discussion about whether this all makes sense. We will however execute the measures strictly.