Frequently Asked Questions BENG 2022

SNJF receives many questions about the tournament through various channels. These may be interesting for the other participants. You can find the answers on these pages. Please check back once in a while; especially the COVID-measures change quite often.

What is the closing date for the subscription?

  • The closing date is March 1st, 2022. One week before we will send a reminder mail.

What is the position of SNJF with regards to the Corona rules?

  • Our opinion of the rules is not really relevant. However, the Dutch government exercises severe consequences on organisers that do not adhere to their rules. We will therefore enforce those rules to the fullest extent.

I am not vaccinated. Can I participate?

  • Please wait to see how the rules will develop, mid-March we will issue a statement on the latest developments.

Can I take pictures during the tournament?

  • Yes, but you cannot use flash (we have photosensitive participants with epilepsy) and you cannot enter the tatami, this is reserved for the SNJF Media Team

What about published pictures?

  • Entering into this tournament means you implicitly agree with being photographed. Of course, if there is a picture you really do not want to see after publication then please email and we will, within reasonable limits, remove your picture. This can only be done if you yourself, or someone under your legal charge is in the picture.