The AUTJUDO handbook is now available!

The AUTJUDO handbook, produced through cooperation of several EU partners (SNJF one of them!), is finally here! The Erasmus+ AUTJUDO project have worked for three years on this and we are very proud of our product. See below for the available languages, and click to download for FREE!


Uemura Sensei: Principles first

From the Kodokan website:
It could be said that the remit of the Kodokan President is to safeguard the essence of Jigoro Kano’s judo. This, undeniably, is an enormous responsibility that not many could shoulder, not many have ever been asked to.

Sensei Haruki Uemura is the man in the hot seat currently. His name can be found in the record books easily as it has been listed next to a 1976 Montreal Olympic gold medal and not one but two world titles. With these qualifications and an obvious passion for judo, he is an essential part of the preservation of judo’s core values, the upholding of tradition and the route to the next stage of judo’s development.


We have two World Champions!

De mannen op het erepodium. Klik op de foto voor de hele galerij!

Normally, this email channel is reserved for messages about the great BENG tournament. However we are so proud of our boys that we make a one-time exception.

Earier this week we mentioned that Tycho van der Werff and David Lefevere took part in the World Championships Kata in Kraków. Today, we can report that after 7 years of relentless training, two-time European Championships and general recognition in the Kata world, our two heroes are now WORLD CHAMPION katame-nō-kata!

Despite both having a severe and painful knee injury they managed to end up in the final rounds, won with a good lead onto number two and can now add a World Championship to their already impressive list.

Do you want to congratulate our heroes? Leave a comment to this article!

The Kodokan Kata Course 2022

This weekend, a part of the SNJF kata team was present at the 11th Kodokan Kata Course in the village De Kwakel. In two days, the six competition katas were presented and on Sunday, or twofold European Champions Tycho van der Werff and David Lefevere ran the katame-no-kata course.
Good to see the many young people attending. In earlier years, the youth automatically moved into shiai competition, but these days the option to perform in kata is also there, which is a good thing for youngsters who are not inclined to fight in the shiai competitions. We hope that this is going to give us many technically proficient judoka in the near future, and of course we also hope to see them on the kata competition tatami!