Invitation and Outlines for the XXIV Ben van der Eng Memorial

Hereby, you are invited for the 24th edition of the Ben van der Eng Memorial, since 1998 the biggest tournament for Special Needs judoka. The Ben van der Eng Memorial welcomes judoka with any physical or mental handicap, guaranteeing safety and fair play using our 5-level FCS divisioning system. The BENG! tournament on the Sunday is a happy judo party, whereas the more “serious” Special Needs World Judo Games for shiai and kata are organised on the Saturday.
Take part in our tournament for an inclusive and exciting experience!

What do we offer?

This is only a preliminary overview. If you decide to take part you will receive a more detailed outlines document mid-March.

  • Friday afternoon April 12 is the divisioning workshop. Very much recommended for first-time participants, so that we can assess their judo ability in the correct way. On that Friday we will also start the weigh-in.
  • Friday afternoon is also the time for various workshops. The exact subject will be shown in the final outlines.
  • Saturday morning April 13 it is time for the Special Needs World Judo Games (SNWJG), a tournament for level 1-3 judoka of 16 years and older. The entourage of this tournament is a bit more formal than the Sunday event: Audience in the stands, electronic score- and timekeeping, etc. Also, judoka unable to do the weigh-in on Friday can do this on Saturday. Also- for the first time, we will invite visually impaired judoka of IBSA classes J1 and J2 to our tournament!
  • Saturday afternoon the second SNWJG tournament takes place: SNWJG kata. We are happy to welcome more and more kata enthusiasts each year and see growth in the Adapted Kata juso sport, supported by EJU end international success.
  • Saturday evening we will shake Beverwijk with a party in Assumburg Castle.
  • And on Sunday we will organise BENG!, the greatest judo party on the planet, for all levels. In a more informal setting, with supporters on the tournament floor. As a note: On Sunday we will also run part of the competition under the “randori” rules.


Sporthal De Walvis
Van Loenenlaan 1
1945 ZH Beverwijk
The Netherlands


First of all: You must arrange your sleeping vanue yourself. SNJF does not help you in booking. The main hotel is StayOkay Slot Assumburg which is also the tournament headquarters. They also take our guests but you need to book early, as Assumburg is often booked full by the end of January.

We do not recommend hotels, but please note that if you wish to make use of our shuttle service, you must book your hotel in one of the following places:

  • IJmuiden
  • Heemskerk
  • Beverwijk
  • Wijk aan Zee
  • Spaarnwoude

Outside these places we do not run the shuttle service and you may need to make taxi costs which can be expensive.

Costs for the shuttle service are € 20,– per person, for the whole weekend. Shuttles run from Thursday 11 until Monday 14th of April. It is extremely important to also note your flight times on the application form, for correct planning.

How do I apply?

First of all, download the form THROUGH THIS LINK.

Fill in the form as thorough as possible. We cannot repeat this enough, we have seen many disappointments and misunderstandings in the past due to incomplete or wrong information. So please take your time. The amount due will be shown on the INVOICE page of the form.

When you are done, send the form onlyto

After your application is received, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be put on the APPLICANTS mailing list, meaning that somewhere mid-March you will receive the final outline information.

Closure date is March 15th