If you need a visa to come to The Netherlands

Do I need a visa?

This page explains for which countries a visa is needed.

SNJF only provides limited assistance in obtaining a short-stay visa to compete in the Beverwijk Tournament. Please note that the application for a visa can take up to 60 days, as sometimes screening is involved and a large amount of paperwork must be provided. Therefore, if you plan to come to our tournament you must request a visa as soon as possible but preferably before January 31st.

What we WILL help you with:

  • SNJF will provide you, on request, with a personalised invitation for the tournament. According to regulations, this invitation must state:
    • the exact and full name of the requestor,
    • date of birth, place of birth,
    • passport number and place of passport issuance.
    • your full address and contact information (phone, email)

We therefore need clear passport copies of the person for which the visa is requested, sent to woc@specialneedsjudo.nl. This needs to be done before the 1st of January 2019, as processing time for a visa can take quite some time.
On THIS page you can read the requirements.

What we can NOT do for you:

  • SNJF will not provide you with a sponsor declaration.
  • SNJF will not provide or advance money, arrange your sleeping location, or make travel arrangements. You will need to do all this yourself.

More information on your visa application can be found HERE.