Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Special needs Judo Foundation, owner of the websites:

1) Privacy guarantee

Assuring the privacy of our website visitors is an important task for SNJF. Therefore, we describe in this document how we do this, what information we gather and how we use this information.

2) Approval

By using the information and services on aforementioned websites, you agree with our privacy policy and the conditions under which these are valid.

3) Questions

Should you require more information then you can contact us on

4) Monitoring of visitor behaviour

SNJF utilises various techniques to:
– Track who visits our website;
– How these visitors behave;
– Which pages are visited.
This is a very common way of working because it provides us with information that may let us improve the user experience on our websites. The information we store through cookies contains, among other things, IP addresses, the type of browser and the pages visited.
Also, we monitor how visitors arrive on our website for the first time and from which page they leave. This is anonymous information.

5) To switch off cookies

You can choose to switch off cookies. You can do this through your browser’s settings. You will find more information with the manufacturer of your browser.

6) Photography

As part of the activities of SNJF, extensive phot and videos are made. Our participants are shown in a recognisable form. Regardless of the approval you signed when signing up for SNJF activities, you will always have the right to have a photo removed, or to be blurred in a video.