OESN/BENG Tournament-specific Rules and Regulations

Rules Open European Special Needs (OESN)

  • Only judokas of 16 and older, level 1 and 2 can compete.
  • All judokas are required to perform in white or blue uniform. A space is allotted near the warming up tatami to dress. All coaches will be given a list of competitors; the first one called will compete in white, the second one called in blue.
  • Pooling will happen in judo level 1 and 2, and related to the judoka’s weight. If a weight class does not have enough judoka to compete, weight classes will be merged. A judoka will first perform in his own weight class and then in the other. If no other competitors are available in the judoka’s weight class, the competitor will be assigned to the next class in order to enable the judoka to compete.
  • Audience, caregivers and volunteers will attend the competition from the stands.
  • If not in a match, judokas will be on the warming-up tatami. At the time of their match, they will be accompanied to the match tatami.
  • Judokas will be called before their match sufficiently early in order to enable them to get dressed.
  • During the match and if possible, the finals and semifinals will be announced.
  • Coaches will be allotted a chair and are only allowed to coach during Maté. However, coaches are allowed to give comments for guidance, like: Relax! Do not get mad! Continue! etc.
  • Coaches are only allowed near the mat area during their pupil’s match.
  • Weigh-in will take place at least an hour before the match.
  • If enough competitors per poule: First, second and third place (2 third places in cross-finals) will receive a prize, and all other judoka will receive a souvenir.

Regulations Open Beverwijks G-judotoernooi (OBG) on april 20, 2014

  • Juniors (level 1, 2, 3, 4 en 5) and seniors (16+, only levels 3, 4 en 5) can compete;
  • This is a recreative tournament, and pleasure is foremost important.
  • There are no fixed weight classes, levels will be assigned based on judo ability.
  • There is no weigh-in, and judokas will be assisted by tatami assistants who will accompany the judokas to the tatami, if necessary.
  • Everybody will receive a prize: first, second, third, third, etc.
  • Audience is allowed around the tatami.

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