About this Website

This website has the difficult task to compile information about the various cornerstones of SNJF, the Special Needs Judo Foundation. As can be seen from the organigram, SNJF consists of a number of departments:

  • The Foundation SNJF, tasked with “Support, guide and facilitate judo for people with special needs, in order to enhance perception for said people”
  • Judo Club BeterJudo, responsible for judo education, participation in competition, judoka graduation and all other matters directly related to the judo sport; BeterJudo can be regarded as the operational branch of the foundation SNJF. Part of BeterJudo is the kata team “Katastrof” responsible for kata training and participation in kata tournaments.
  • The organisation of the annual Beverwijk judo tournament, with its own board and volunteer organisation;
  • The facilitating part of SNJF, dealing with support to third-party SN-Judo tournaments and other charities and support deemed worthwhile by the Foundation.

Some articles available in Dutch will  not be published in the English part of the website. This is because these articles are completely irrelevant to our English audience. However should you wish to know more about the contents of these articles the our webmaster is happy to send you a summary of the article.

Finally, some remarks about the site content: Obviously, all effort has been made to make the information on this site as accurate as possible. However SNJF cannot be held responsible for omissions or inaccurate or incomplete representation of facts.

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